Clinical Microbiology Solutions

Clinical microbiological examination plays an indispensable role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, medication guidance, hospital infection control, antimicrobial drug management and other aspects. However, there are some problems in this field, such as long turn-around time (TAT), cumbersome experimental operation, and the experimental results can not effectively guide clinical medication, which restrict the development of clinical microbiological test items.

Deere Biology provides automatic detection instruments such as specimen staining pretreatment, genital tract pathogen detection, bloodstream infection bacterial culture, bacterial identification and drug sensitivity analysis, time-of-flight mass spectrometry and supporting in vitro diagnostic reagents in the field of pathogen diagnosis. Improve the degree of automation of experimental operations and the ability to detect pathogenic bacteria, effectively guide clinical medication, and assist medical institutions in the detection of drug-resistant bacteria. For hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, blood stations, third-party testing institutions to provide a sound platform for microbial diagnosis.