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Microbial ID/AST System DL-96II

Detail description



【Intended use】

DL-96Ⅱ is used for clinical microbial identification and susceptibility Test.

1. Principle: Colorimetry for ldentification; Turbidimetry for Susceptibility testing
2. DL IST card can identify microbes as “Species” and even “Subspecies”
3. DL IST card covers nearly 200 types of antibiotics with multi-level concentration,up to 9-dilution for giving TRUE MIC value. Following CLSI & EUCAST standard.
4. Combo test cards deliver more rigorous and accurate results.
5. Multi-drug resistance monitoring: MRSA, B-lac,VRE,VRSA,HLAR,ESBLs etc.


Card type:

Test Card Identification susceptibility test range Package
DL-96/120E Enterobacteriaceae 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-96/120NE Non-fermentative bacteria/Vibrio 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-96/120STAPH Staphylococcus/Micrococcus 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-96/120STREP Streptococcus 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-96FUNGUS Fungi (Yeast like) 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-120NH Neisseria / Haemophilus 10 cards + relevant medium
DL-120 Coryne Corynebacterium 10 cards + relevant medium